Petroleum Engineering Program

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Please contact: Anne Sturm

Petroleum Engineering Program
Academic Advisor
UH Cullen College of Engineering
Department of Chemical &
Biomolecular Engineering

5000 Gulf Freeway Bldg 9, Room 219
Houston, TX 77204-0945
Email: masturm [at] uh [dot] edu
Location: UH Energy Research Park (ERP)
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Graduate Admissions

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Petroleum Engineering Program Graduate Admissions

The Masters in Petroleum Engineering curriculum assumes strong undergraduate academic preparation in math, science, and a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering. In addition to candidates with an undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering, bachelor degree holders in other engineering disciplines are encouraged to apply. While all prospective applicants will be given careful consideration, historically the most competitive applicants have had academic preparation as an engineer. Our program admission is very competitive.

Note:  If an applicant's bachelor’s degree is outside of the field of engineering, we recommend the student consider application for the B.S. in Petroleum Engineering.  The academic preparation in math, science and petroleum engineering in the B.S. degree is optimal for success in the graduate program. The Masters in Petroleum Engineering curriculum assumes high competency in those areas, as verified by past successful students.

Admission Dates:

Students may be admitted to the program to start in the Fall or Spring semester. Please note the following deadlines:

Semester to start    Status                                        Deadline to submit application and all required forms
Fall Domestic and International April 1st
Spring Domestic and International September 15th
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