Petroleum Engineering Program

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Petroleum Engineering
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UH Cullen College of Engineering

5000 Gulf Freeway Bldg 9, Room 219
Houston, TX 77204-0945
Email: masturm [at] uh [dot] edu
Location: UH Energy Research Park (ERP)
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Masters of Petroleum Engineering (non-thesis option)

Degree Requirements

A Masters in Petroleum Engineering requires thirty-six (36) credit hours of approved courses for admitted students with B.S. in Petroleum Engineering.  Admitted students with a different undergradute degree are also required to complete twelve (12) credits of leveling courses which prepare such students for success in the Masters in Petroleum Engineering program but which do not count toward the degree.

A minimum GPA of 3.0 must be maintained for graduation.


A description of each course is available in the online Graduate Course Catalog.

Leveling Courses (not applicable to degree)

The Masters in Petroleum Engineering curriculum assumes strong undergraduate academic preparation in math, science, and a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering.   After admission any student holding any other undergraduate degree besides Petroleum Engineering will be required to complete the following leveling courses that are designed to provide a overview of petroleum engineering.  These leveling courses are not counted for graduate credit towards the Masters in Petroleum Engineering degree.

PETR 6351 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
PETR 6362 Reservoir Engineering I
PETR 6364 Origin/Development of Oil & Gas Reservoirs
PETR 6328 Petroleum Fluid Properties and Phase Equilibria

Required Courses

PETR 6302 Reservoir Engineering II
PETR 6312 Well Logging: Evaluation of Petroleum Formations
PETR 6368 Well Drilling & Completion I
PETR 6372 Petroleum Production Operations

Advanced Elective Courses

PETR 6308 Advanced Petroleum Production Operations
PETR 6310 Petroleum Production Economics
PETR 6304 Core Analysis:Evaluation of Petroleum Formations
PETR 6314 Pressure Transient Testing
PETR 6316 Well Drilling & Completion II: Well Logging
PETR 6320 Enhanced Oil Recovery
PETR 6325 Integrated Reservoir Characterization
PETR 6326 Applied Reservoir Simulation
PETR 6330 Fundamentals of Hydraulic Fracturing
PETR 6332 Reserves Estimation I: Deterministic
PETR 6334 Reserves Estimation II: Probabilistic
PETR 6336 Petroleum Energy Markets
PETR 6350 Natural Gas Engineering
PETR 6380 Petroleum Reservoir Management
PETR 6397 Special Topics: Horizontal Drilling