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Rock Properties Measurement, Microscopy, and Modeling (RPM3)

Digital Imaging and Analysis
Lead Investigator(s)
Dr. Lori Hathon and Dr. Mike Myers

The consortium aims to enhance and optimize the fundamental understanding of rock properties through measurement, sample characterization, and digital computation in support of oil and natural gas exploration and recovery.

Providing a unique opportunity for the department to enhance its contributions in digital rock physics and in building forward models for rock properties through joint measurement and imaging studies, the consortium:

  • Is a forum that brings together industry and academicians to advance the fieds of rock properties, modeling, image analysis and digital rock physics,
  • Creates and applies novel methodologies for real-world technical challenges in multiscale/multimodel imaging and image analysis,
  • Maintains, archives, shares, and analyzes very large images,
  • Conducts measurements for the analysis of physical properties including porosity permeability, pore volume compressibility, velocity, compressive strength, electrical properties, pore body and pore throat size distributions, mineralogy and particle size distributions,
  • Develops techniques and methodologies for efficient image analysis and digital computations on extremely large images to facilitate research in petroleum engineering,
  • Gains insight into trends in the industry and needs, and
  • Provides an interactive forum of engagement for recruiting, technology transfer and research support.