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Theses and Dissertations — 2015

Masters Theses

Student Advisor(s) Thesis/Dissertation Title
Malik Essam Hamzeh Essam Al Salman Dr. Michael T. Myers Comparison and Correction of Multistage Triaxial Tests to Single Stage Triaxial Test for the Rock Mechanical Testing [Link]
Shail Apte Dr. Konstantinos Kostarelos Development of a Model for Transboundary Flow [Link]
Mohab Dessouki Dr. Michael T. Myers Effect of CEC, Salinity, Sand Content, and Particle Size Distribution on Mud Rock Properties [Link]
Supriya Gupta Dr. Michael Nikolaou Applying Predictive Analytics to detect and diagnose impending problems in Electric Submersible Pumps
Hoagie Merry Dr. Christine Ehlig-Economides Model for a Shale Gas Formation with Salt-Sealed Natural Fractures [Link]
Manish Kumar Mittal Dr. Michael Nikolaou Three Dimensional Downhole Drilling Automation Based on Minimum Well Profile Energy [Link]
Akash Sharma Dr. Konstantinos Kostarelos  Improved Workflow for EUR Prediction in Unconventional Reservoirs [Link]
Mark Gregory Edward Smith Dr. Michael T. Myers Applying Extended Reach Drilling to Optimize the Net Present Value of the Duvernay Field [Link]